Privacy Policy

American Kidney Services (“AKS”) is a nonprofit corporation, designated as tax-exempt under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3). The mission of AKS is to help kidney patients and their families through support of the American Kidney Fund, Inc. AKS raises money by soliciting donations of household discards and used clothing from potential donors. AKS owns and operates the website

Protecting the privacy of donors and/or potential donors is an important objective of AKS, and this statement is intended to make you aware of our commitment to this goal.

Any personal information, such as name, telephone number, address, IP number, and email address (“Personal Information”), that may be collected by AKS through public records, in the course of
solicitation efforts of our employees, or when a potential donor visits our website, will be treated and kept as confidential. AKS will not sell Personal Information to any third party. AKS will not share Personal Information with any third party, except a street address, when necessary to accomplish the pick-up of a donation. Any Personal Information which is maintained by AKS will be used solely for the purpose of facilitating the collection of household donations and complying with all applicable State and Federal laws relating to charities and charitable solicitation.

AKS takes all reasonable steps to assure that Personal Information is maintained in a confidential fashion until it may be lawfully and properly purged, destroyed, or otherwise disposed of, and to assure that such removal, destruction or disposal is accomplished in a lawful and proper manner. To accomplish these goals, we have notified all employees of our privacy policy, we keep such information restricted to employees who need access to it in order to facilitate pickups, and we shred all paper records before discarding them.

If you wish to contact us in order to see what Personal Information regarding you, if any, is maintained by AKS, and to request any correction to such information, please contact us by email or U.S. Mail. Our email address for this purpose is , and our mailing address is 6360 Button Gwinnett Drive, Doraville, Georgia, 30340