Donate Furniture in Frisco, TX – AKS Accepts Home & Business Furniture

Donate Furniture Frisco TXChoosing to donate furniture to American Kidney Services (AKS) is an outstanding way to get rid of the furnishings in your Frisco, Texas, area home or business. The decision not only can have a positive impact on the environment, but it also can help kidney disease patients in need.

Deciding to donate furniture to AKS instead of placing those furnishings curbside or in the dumpster for your local trash collector can keep those items in circulation and out of a landfill. Keeping useable furniture in circulation prevents resources from needing to be used to create new furniture, and prevents dumps from filling up quicker than necessary. While you may have grown tired of your dining table, or your business is upgrading to new bookcases, you can donate that furniture to AKS and give it new life – while helping individuals in need. All donations of furniture to our charity benefit people with kidney disease, a life-threatening illness. The proceeds generated from furniture items donated to our charity support programs of American Kidney Fund, a nonprofit charitable organization that provides kidney disease patients with direct financial aid for treatment-related expenses.

People in Frisco, TX, and nearby communities who have furniture to donate can give it to AKS in the following ways:

  • Schedule a free donation pickup – We will gladly visit your home or business to collect non-upholstered furniture as a donation. Just call us or use our online form to schedule a pickup.
  • Drop off the goods at Value World – The local thrift department stores accept furniture donations on our behalf during regular business hours.

Contact AKS if you would like to donate furniture to our local charity and help support kidney disease patients in need. We welcome donations from Frisco, TX, and all nearby communities.