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Donations from Residents of Glenn Heights, TX & Neighboring Communities Can Help Fight Kidney Disease

Donations Glenn Heights TXDonations from residents of Glenn Heights and the surrounding communities of Texas enable American Kidney Services (AKS) to further its mission of supporting organizations that fight kidney disease. The proceeds generated from donated clothing and other household goods help fund programs that offer patients financial assistance as well as other vital services for some of the 31 million individuals nationwide who are affected by chronic kidney disease.

Your donations make it possible for AKS to support American Kidney Fund (AKF), which helped more than 87,000 patients pay for health insurance premiums and other treatment-related expenses in 2013. Some of the other worthy programs AKF offers, thanks to donations from people like you, include:

  • Safety Net Grants – cover medical expenses not paid for by health insurance

  • Free kidney health screenings – inform at-risk individuals of their health conditions

  • Summer camp sponsorships – allow pediatric kidney disease patients to attend special summer programs

  • And more

In order to encourage donating, AKS offers several convenient methods of giving to continue supporting programs like these. You can use our online form or give us a call to arrange for one of our uniformed drivers to collect donations from your Glenn Heights area home or business – free of charge. Or, you can drop off items at one of the local Value World thrift department stores during their normal business hours.

Whichever way you choose to donate, AKS welcomes a wide range of donations, including clothing and shoes for children and adults, tableware and cookware, small kitchen appliances, household electronics, and much more.

Contact AKS to learn more about how your donations can make a difference in the lives of those with kidney disease. We are proud to offer residents of Glenn Heights and the nearby communities of Texas a worthy charity to support.