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Donate to Our Charity in St Louis and Support Kidney Disease Patients – AKS Welcomes Donations from Ladue, St Charles, Wildwood, and Surrounding Communities

Donate Charity St LouisIt doesn’t take long to come up with a list of good reasons to donate to a charity in the St Louis area. Donating to charity is always a good way to free your home of clutter, because just about everyone has items they no longer need, like clothing that may be too small, toys that kids have outgrown, or home electronics that have been replaced with new models. By giving reusable items to charity, you’re also doing a good thing for the environment, as some of those items could be destined for a local landfill while others – like furniture – could prompt natural resources being used to make replacements.

When donating to a charitable organization like American Kidney Services (AKS), you can also help people in need. When residents of St Charles, Ladue, Wildwood, and surrounding communities donate clothes, books, TVs, cookware, appliances, and other household items to our charity, it allows us to generate proceeds to help support programs at the American Kidney Fund, which provides direct monetary aid to kidney disease patients. More than 26 million Americans suffer from kidney disease, and many struggle to cover the costs necessary for proper treatment of the illness.

You can make a charitable donation to our organization the following ways:

  • Call us or use our online form to join our regular pickup schedule
  • Call us or use our online form to schedule a special pickup from your home or office
  • Take items to any Value Village thrift department store

Donating to charity has never been easier. Contact AKS today for more information on how to donate to our good charity in St Louis or to receive a location of a donation center. We proudly welcome donations from Manchester, Chesterfield, Clayton, Ellisville, and surrounding areas.